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Danfo Conductors: 4 Tips On How To Avoid Trouble With Them

Yeah I am talking about Danfos again,why wouldn’t I ?.When you see them in every nook and cranny .

Today I would be telling you about some tips on how to avoid trouble with Danfo bus conductors.

Lets get started.

1.Know Where You Are Going
You should definitely know where you are going to before you board any Danfo bus.If you don’t ,make sure you ask before boarding the bus.Trust me it wont be funny when you enter a bus going to Sango Ota when your intended location is Sangotedo.You won’t be getting a refund,but you might be getting an exchange of blows.So be sure of where you are going !.

2.Have The Exact Bus Fare
Always have the exact bus fare to avoid troubles.If you are not sure of the exact fare , always make sure you have enough money in lower denominations especially #100 and #50.

3.Speak Politely
Lets be honest most of us talk to them anyhow because they are “conductors”.But they are human,and very extraordinary human beings who are constantly unstable as a result of stress and sometimes alcohol and different botanical species rolled up in paper *winks*.

4.Be Patient
Sometimes even after you have done all the above ,they still act weird and very unstable .You just have to be patient with them .Most fights and sometimes deaths involving passengers and conductors would have been averted if only one or both of them exercised patience.

What do you think ?

Had a funny encounter with a Danfo conductor ?

Kindly comment .


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