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12 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Single Women

The search for true love is hard enough without having to deal with external pressure from friends and family.

Most times, the things you do or say to a single woman are done with the best intentions, but sadly, for someone who is already getting strained by past failures and disappointments in relationships, these things come off as extra pressure that is highly unneeded and could literally drive such ladies nuts.

Vlogger Uwanma Odefa delves into this subject on the latest episode of “Love, Sex and Everything” in Between on March 20 2017.

In her opinion, ladies who are single for one reason or the other are pretty tired of hearing the following twelve things:

1. Why aren’t you married?

2. When are you going to get married?

3. Don’t you want to get married?

4. You are too beautiful and intelligent not to be married

5. How is your husband?

6. Your biological clock is tickling

7. Are you sure you are not being too picky?

8. Don’t worry, someday you’ll find someone

9. Are you sure you are praying enough?

10. Don’t worry. God will answer your prayers

11. You should attend more weddings

12. Send me a number, let me hook you up.

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