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How to ‘Reboot’ your reading habit…

This article if for those that had love for reading, but somehow found themselves abstaining from reading and most forms of literary works.or perhaps you’ve never had the flare, come along let’s ignite that fire in you.


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Contrary to popular belief reading is not boring, reading is another form of entertainment, take it or leave it. Dont believe me? For example, a movie tells you stories from a plot by showing you (moving pictures), reading is very similar, but in this case instead of you seeing the pictures on a screen the pictures are brought to life through your mind’s eye. You get to see how the events come together, and in this process you build a more personal bond with characters and events which no other form of media can give, the book narrates to you, page by page.

Everyone loves music but we prefer some genres to another. You could prefer Pop and Rock and not see sense in Country music. Same goes for readers, many readers start out with the wrong kind of books , so they conclude that they don’t
like reading.

Your type of person, would most times determine the kind of books you’ll enjoy. A guiding rule in finding the right book for you is to read books on things that piques your interest/fascinates you. A person that enjoys watching spy movies and how they display their clandestine clandestine activities. All you need do is find books on them. You found this article, go ahead and google books on spies, you’ll find several books both
fictional and non fictional, whatever that piques your interest; fashion, cooking, martial arts…

Most books have a short description on what they are about. Note, not all books are worth the time. What do I mean? If you’re not a avid reader, for example someone trying to “reboot” his/her reading habit, picking
a boring book, it would do more damage than good as it would kill that initial motivation he/she had.

How do you know a good book? Do your research. You want to buy a new phone, either by using your knowledge on phones or by asking people you’ll carry out your research in order to buy the best your
“pocket” can afford right? Same for books either by asking people around or by your research (mostly Google)you’ll find those good ones.

One mistake people make is having the notion that books should be rushed, they hide under the guise that they are slow readers. You don’t necessarily have to be Kyle XY or Barry Allen. Take your time, If you will, spend two months on the book, it doesn’t matter. Who says it has to be a movie? It could be a seasonal. If you don’t have time as a luxury (Who does actually?) Be it while you’re on the loo, or on a queue to withdraw cash (I know you’ll want to check instagram instead) or in traffic on your way to work. You can take it bits by bits, no rush. As little as 20 minutes a day is enough (Reading is not a greedy lover, she knows you love watching Champions League).

But mind you a good book is contagious, you might get drawn in more than you expected and you’ll find yourself spending more time reading. (Be prudent with your time).

Don’t be afraid to check up words you don’t understand in the dictionary (No ne knows it all, Not even Soyinka). If you feel paper dictionaries are too bulky. Get one on your phone (I know say u get android na). Wordweb Dictionary is good enough, it allows bookmarking of words for future reference.

Whatever book you’re reading, ensure you start from the beginning most especially the preface/prologue, it always gives you some extra info.
Having a felt pen to highlight/mark phrases or sentences you find interesting. Having a bookmark to physically mark where you stopped, it could be a complimentary card or a 5 naira  note(doesn’t buy much these days).

Bookshops! Yeah I know say na naija we dey, but still there are bookshops, although most big bookshops are mostly for religious books, but they also stock a good number of non – religious books. Yaba and Ojuelegba are good places to find bookshops.

You could also try University bookshops, most universities and its environs have bookshops.

Who says the book has to physical. ebooks have been around for a while now, and there are many online stores that have them. Of course you’ll have to pay for most. (But lemme ask you, did you pay for that Captain America on your laptop?) Of course naija boys have other means.
Not that I’m advocating piracy but to call a spade a spade, they are available out there and torrents are swimming with them.

Many blockbusters were initially books, that were later converted to content for television, many of which have had their original stories changed.

You’ll be amazed to find a separate thrill compared to that of the movies. And for the fact that you’ve watched the movie serves as a plus, the characters would have a relate-able face in your mind’s eye.

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